Celebrating Excellence: Our Employee of the Month

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” Jim Collins is the source. This remark sums up exactly why Southwest Waste Services recognizes the exceptional efforts of our employees once a month. We are celebrating today not just as an employee but a brilliant example of our commitment to providing recycling and waste management services in Sarasota, Naples, Fort Myers, and Port Charlotte.

Our Employee of the Month

The Need of Employee Recognition

A vital part of our business plan, employee recognition goes beyond a simple pat on the back. Taking care of our staff members raises spirits, raises output, and strengthens loyalty. 

Employee Recognition’s Advantages

  • Higher Engagement: Acknowledged staff members are more involved and help us achieve our objectives.
  • Increased Retention Rates: Honoring successes lowers attrition rates.
  • Improved Company Culture: Top talent is drawn to a favorable work atmosphere that is fostered by recognition.
Our Employee of the Month

An Excellence Profile of Our Employee of the Month

This month we highlight Jorge Serrano, a committed employee of our Maintenance Department. Jorge Serrano is a perfect example of our dedication to operational excellence and dependability since he has always gone above and beyond in his work. His work has greatly increased the efficiency and availability of our equipment, which are essential to our daily operations and customer satisfaction.

How We Take Care of Our Staff

Southwest Waste Services thinks it’s important to foster the development of its staff members. Our team is empowered to succeed in their positions and take on new challenges through leadership opportunities and training programs.

Helping Our Communities

Hard work by our staff members immediately results in Naples, Fort Myers, and other areas being cleaner and greener. Highest standards of service and environmental care are ensured by maintaining our fleet and facilities.

Our Employee of the Month

Honoring All Sites

Everywhere we are, we are celebrating. Every branch, in Port Charlotte , Sarasota , Fort Myers and Naples has its own heroes. We make sure that their tales of commitment and perseverance are told, therefore promoting harmony and pride in the group.


Just one way we demonstrate our dedication to quality is by honoring our staff. Moving forward, we want to keep improving our construction and demolition recycling services as a leader in our industry. 

Proceeding with the Legacy

Our commitment is to upholding high standards and looking for creative ways to satisfy the changing demands of our Sarasota, Naples, Fort Myers, and Port Charlotte communities.

Our Employee of the Month

Final Thought

At Southwest Waste Services, honoring our Employee of the Month is a reflection of our culture more than just an event. The accomplishments of Jorge Serrano this month represent the commitment and hard effort that every member of our team takes to their positions. Having such dedicated people working with us to support our ideals and propel our progress makes us proud.

Would you like more information on how our committed staff can help with your waste management requirements? Find out more about our community service in Naples , Fort Myers , Port Charlotte’s and Sarasota or browse our services page.

We appreciate you celebrating success at Southwest Waste Services with us. Many more months and years of outstanding service and neighborhood support are ahead of us!

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